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Fit for the Gods

Priestess Peplos

Priestess Peplos

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The Priestess Peplos is a modern interpretation of an ancient design. A simplistic ritual robe that embraces the connection to our ancestors and the old gods.

The handkerchief weight linen allows for beautiful drape and comfort. Available in 2 variations, narrow and wide. The narrow has a circumference of 50” around the bust and hips with a side seam slit. The wide has a circumference of 100” around the bust and hips with a slightly larger opening around the arm.

Both Peplos have a length of 48” from shoulder to hem as well as adjustable shoulder ties that can be tucked in if worn with appropriate brooches/fibulas. Both also come with a long, matching wrap belt that can be worn around the waist or hips. Please feel free to provide height in sale notes to adjust peplos for a personal length.

Low waste design

100% Linen, OEKO-TEX certified

Organic Cotton clothing tag

One of a kind, handmade in Canada.

All items are made to order, processing time of 5-10 business days.

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