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Fit for the Gods

Bridei’s Tunic Dress

Bridei’s Tunic Dress

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The Bridei's tunic is inspired by the heroes and society of the Iron Age. As well as the practicality and quality of their garments.

Bridei's tunic is one large piece of folded fabric, with the exception of the cuffs there is only one long side seam running from wrist to hem. There is an angled underarm vent for movement, french seamed and there is very little fabric waste. This all gives a more authentic feel to the garment, simple and little is wasted.

This is a practical under tunic, made from either a lightweight linen cotton blend in black or off white. As well as a handkerchief weight linen available in black. Able to be worn for many different eras of European history, tunics have been a staple item through out time. 

*natural tan is sold out*

55% Linen 45% Cotton, black and off white                                                                 

100% Linen, black  OEKO-TEX certified                                                                           

Organic Cotton clothing tag

One of a kind, handmade in Canada.

All items are made to order, processing time of 5-10 business days. Model from photos #1 and 4 *natural tan sold out*

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